All vendors use the word open.

However, "open" is a euphemism for "I'm open to other systems integrating with me" or "my proprietary system is built using standard technology." In the end, change happens and at current rates it is highly unlikely that vendors will manage to keep pace. New innovations and vendors will appear requiring proprietary conversions. Medical institutions must end vendor lock which inevitably leads to trapped clinical value and incessant, late, and costly migrations. 80% of IT change is non-value added data migration.

Clinical content is a major asset of an organization and needs to be managed accordingly across the entire enterprise. Clinical systems have a lifecycle often defined by a vendor contract. For example, PACS storage lifecycle is trending at 3 to 5 years and clinical data retention policies exceed PACS lifecycles. Clinical staff productivity can be adversely impacted by the need to navigate between EMR and disparate PACS/digital systems. The silos of clinical information make sharing images and data extremely difficult resulting in the failure to provide physician access to complete patient data.

We solve this challenge by providing a vendor independent, long-term, clinical enterprise image management storage solution for all individual department PACS, mini-PACS, and modalities being utilized in your facilities.