Synapse® VNA provides healthcare systems with both clinical and administrative risk reduction.

It also affords providers with a solid avenue to operating expense reduction, as well as a broader landscape of investment options (more choices can translate to improved returns).

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VNA Infographic

To further describe the cost-saving benefits of our Synapse VNA, please refer to this infographic. Synapse VNA aims to solve several challenges that picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) present to healthcare organizations.

More specifically, Synapse VNA will:

  • Reduce storage management costs and improve data security (HIPAA compliance) by using standard IT policies and principles for managing enterprise data.
  • Enhance Clinical Information Lifecycle Management by basing its value over time in a tiered clinically-aware archive. Improve information availability and reduce storage management costs using intelligent compression or purging techniques.
  • Reduce interface costs by using a shared archive platform to store clinical data and distribute it. IT management can reduce complex system interfaces to the EMR, enterprise information systems (EMPI, patient registration, etc.), and departmental information systems (RIS, CVIS, etc.) within the enterprise.
  • Decrease new or replacement PACS expenditures through reduced vendor dependencies and increased competitive bidding.

For a specific proforma example of ILM cost savings, please request via our website contact form.