Storing your Non-DICOM data in its native format may sound like a natural thing to do, but this feature is unique to our Synapse® VNA.

Utilizing Synapse VNA, we give you the choice on whether to store your Non-DICOM data natively, or alternatively, to DICOM wrap the data. A majority of our customers elect to store their Non-DICOM data in its native format. The advantages to doing so include:

Native File vs. DICOM Wrapping Benefits

1. The legal source of image remains untouched as it came from source solution.
2. Wrapping data makes it unmanageable to return the object to its originating source in the original format.
3. Wrapping data also converts the original object into DICOM format and discards the private metadata tags that may be useful to the originating source.
4. Storing natively will enable users to utilize standard mime type viewers that are available on local desktops.
5. Complexity for the originating source system is minimized. Communication with the source via API/Web Services/File Management is done in the methodology and file format of the originating source.