Comprehensive EMR Interfaces

We recently completed an installation for visible light objects from dermatology clinics within a major healthcare enterprise.

For the installation, we developed an ActiveX interface to EpicAPI for the storage of visible light (non-DICOM) dermatology data (photos) into Synapse® VNA through Epic™.

The installation provides viewing and distribution of dermatology data through Epic via Synapse VNA* anywhere Epic Hyperspace is available to the user population (*note: image viewing is not intended to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes).

The Synapse VNA interface allows medical assistants to retire their "sneaker net" and upload photos immediately after acquisition from the exam room. Previously, the workflow required medical assistants to walk a camera to and from a file room for uploading once a week to a shared folder location on the network (no patient or encounter context).

Synapse VNA provides an enterprise-wide mechanism that allows for unlimited image distribution and native viewing of visible light objects across an open architecture. By introducing Synapse® VNA ActiveX interface for viewing and distribution, data can be accessed anywhere it's needed.