Seamless Point-of-Care Data Capture

Synapse® VNA Connext brings groundbreaking, seamless point-of-care data capture and archiving to an iPad device.

At the touch of a button, Synapse VNA acquires photos, videos, sound files, notes, and more with the highest level of security. Data is automatically archived directly to the hospital's Synapse VNA as an integral part of the patient record for viewing through an EMR and our integrated viewer.

Users launch the Connext process by selecting a patient from the worklist-driven application, creating a folder associated with the patient context and visit, encounter or order in the hospital's Synapse VNA. All captured data is automatically stored to the appropriate patient folder and can be viewed seamlessly from within the EMR through an integrated link to the Synapse® Mobility Enterprise Viewer. The Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer provides a complete clinical patient history with the display of both DICOM and non-DICOM data including full non-DICOM toolsets.  (Note: image viewing is not intended to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.)

Once uploaded, the mobile data is managed using the patented clinical lifecycle rules within the Synapse VNA. Synapse VNA Connext provides a high level of security for all captured data by utilizing server-based user authentication and encrypted data capture and transmission, protecting data even in the event of device loss. A task queue is included to display data transmission status and tracking of retries in the event of a dropped network connection.

In short, Synapse VNA Connext is a complete, seamless mobile data integration tool for the archive providing:

• Simplified mobile data capture
• EMR integration for viewing and distribution via Synapse® Mobility Enterprise Viewer
• Worklist-based patient context
• Intelligent clinical lifecycle management for mobile data
• Security with single sign-on and encrypted transmission
• Transmission status with retry abilities and tracking