Connecting Structured and Unstructured Data

In recent years, the advent of master patient indexes (MPI) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) has led to the unprecedented ability to present portable cross-provider patient records but only from the structured data perspective.

At the same time, across the chasm, the clinical imaging realm has remained siloed in proprietary format across 24 specialties. The healthcare market, now fueled by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA 2009), must bridge the chasm between the structured and unstructured data worlds. Our Synapse® VNA Health Imaging Exchange solution bridges this gap between the structured and unstructured data that exists today.

Structured data elements are found in the provider-based HIS/CIS/EMR solutions. Unstructured large-scale data reside in proprietary silos, across the more than 24 specialties in PACS Multimedia and Reports systems.

Historically, medical imaging and other unstructured content such as multimedia (MPEG), documents (PDF), and medical Images (DICOM), have been ignored or delayed in this HIE arena. To increase physician acceptance of technology, we believe a picture paints a thousand words.

The Solution

FUJIFILM TeraMedica, Inc.'s truly unique Health Imaging Exchange (HIE) solution bridges the chasm between traditional electronic medical records and PACS systems and delivers a direct connection to MPI's and Health Information Exchange systems. This unique integration to the resident Health Information Exchange, now fully loaded with clinical images, completes the comprehensive patient record across IDN, State or Nation.