Vendor Neutral Architecture

The Synapse® VNA manages more volume and clinical image diversity than any other Vendor Neutral Archive. The difference is in our "A". For us, it's always been about achieving complete neutrality on an architectural level. As the noted pioneer in vendor neutral architecture, we've been solving healthcare data management issues and needs for over a decade.

As the leader in clinical archiving, FUJIFILM TeraMedica, Inc. is at the forefront of the VNA market. In fact, the 2014-2015 U.S. News & World Report rankings of the nation's best hospitals revealed that over 40% of the cited top 17 hospitals depend on our image archive and management software.

Synapse VNA is the go-to VNA for the country's top enterprises. It integrates clinical images from various departments as well as non-structured data into the hospital's EHR system for more efficient, streamlined clinical processes while retaining high quality for non-diagnostic viewing.  Our vendor neutral architecture is built to integrate easily with any EHR, PACS, RIS and any other clinical data system.

Our solution also provides uninhibited scalability with petabyte class architecture:

- Complete flexibility with TRUE independence and freedom
- Adherence to standards (DICOM, HL7, XDS, XDS-I, Web services, etc.)
- Enables seamless "plug and play"

"Ideally, a VNA is an archive developed on an open architecture that can be easily migrated and/or ported to interface to another vendor's viewing, acquisition, and workflow engine to manage medical images and related information," said Herman Oosterwijk, President, OTech Inc.